Tamworth BESS
200MW/400MWh utility-scale battery energy storage system project.

Scheduled for completion in 2023, Tamworth BESS is a utility-scale battery located approximately 7km South of Tamworth, NSW.

Our commitment to a brighter future.

The battery system will store approximately 400MWh of electricity, which will power more than 35,000 homes.


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Tamworth BESS will involve the development of a utility-scale battery energy storage system 7km South of Tamworth in New South Wales; the Tamworth BESS will have a capacity of 200MW which will connect into the Tamworth 330kV transmission substation. The project will be completed in one stage.

The Tamworth BESS would provide the following benefits, specific to Australia’s commitments

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions required to meet our clean energy transition

Additionally, the proposal would allow for the:

  • Provision of embedded electricity generation, to supply into the Australian grid closer to the main consumption centres
  • Provision of social and economic benefits, through the provision of direct and indirect employment opportunities during construction and operation of the project

The Tamworth BESS site is located around 300km from the Sydney load centre and 450km from the Brisbane load centre. The project location is within the Tamwoth City Council Local Government Area (LGA). The site is located on Burgmanns Lane and is situated directly opposite the Tamworth 330kV transmission substation.


The Tamworth BESS site consists of private freehold land on which approximately 2.9 hectares of land will be used for the BESS units and an additional 0.3 hectares will be used to house operational and maintenance equipment.

The preliminary layout provides for a 200MW/400MWh BESS; the capacity of the project is based on the available capacity at the Tamworth 330kV transmission substation that the project will connect to.

The project is a standalone BESS which will charge and discharge from the National Electricity Market and will NOT have a generation component like a solar or wind farm.


Given the capital cost of the project, its development application will be assessed by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE).

In this context, a Scoping Report for the Armidale BESS has been lodged with DPIE in June 2021.

Once the Scoping Report is assessed, DPIE will issue SEARs which will outline the requirements for an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Studies undertaken will include:

  • Heritage (including Aboriginal heritage);
  • Visual amenity;
  • Noise assessment;
  • Hazard assessment;
  • Soils and water;
  • Traffic assessment;

Project progress

Development Application

  • Lodgement
  • Public Exhibition
  • Final Assessment
  • Grid Studies
  • Construction Tender
  • Financial Close
  • Construction
  • Energised

Community Benefits

Engagement with the local community is an important value of Maoneng and is integral to this project. We would like to ensure that open dialogue and information transfer can occur with local residents, stakeholders and the wider community in an easy and efficient manner.

We would like to ensure that there is no “surprise” to the community and that a long-term relationship is maintained between the project team and all project stakeholders.

Further details

We’re committed to promote a sustainable future.


Maoneng is an Australian owned renewable energy company focused on development, delivery, operations and long term ownership of utility scale solar and battery assets, critical for powering a sustainable world.

Maoneng pride themselves on being early embracers of technology and market innovations. Investments we have made in broadening our focus to the battery sector have been recognised in the AGL contract for 400MWh of battery storage in NSW.

Maoneng’s have delivered over 300 MW of solar energy solutions and have a development pipeline comprising of approximately 2000 MW of utility scale solar and battery energy projects across the APAC region.


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